Nutritional Disorders and Treatment

In several countries, the nutritional disorder is a major challenge before health care providers. The conventional approach categorizes this under malabsorption and resorts to supplementation therapy. The main concepts of homeopathy believe that nutritional disorder is not due to the deficiency of nutrients and micronutrients alone. A lack of important nutrients in the body leads to diseases. During pregnancy, after major illnesses, the requirement of the nutrients will be different. The main target of Nutrition medical care is to take care of or improve the nutrition standing by avoiding and treatment of deficiency disease, maintaining body tissue and functioning protein stores and to stop macro and matter deficiency. The medical care is the central importance for our ability to handle the diseases generally, infections, surgery, and trauma particularly.


  • Track 1-1 Pregnancy nutrition
  • Track 2-2 avoiding deficiency disease
  • Track 3-3 Major challenge in healthcare

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